We’re no fans of knockoffs.

This site is a project of Santoni Investigations. For more than 35 years, Santoni’s investigators have been working on behalf of and alongside brand owners and law enforcement agencies to identify and control the distribution and sale of counterfeit goods, also known as brand knock-offs or fakes.

Why should you care about fakes?

  • Fakes damage legitimate businesses. A brand is one of a company’s most valuable assets. Every counterfeit item sold chips away at the foundation of a company, and the livelihood of its employees.
  • Fakes fund crime. Funds from counterfeiting activities have been linked to terrorist groups and organized crime syndicates.
  • Fakes can hurt you. A knock-off is usually produced at low cost without concern about safety or quality standards. This can mean risking injury or even death from fakes contaminated with melamine, chromium, lead or other hazardous chemicals.

(Want to learn more? This U.S. Department of Commerce – Global Intellectual Property Center brochure discusses the economic and safety costs of counterfeits)

That’s why we started this site. We work with brand owners to evaluate “fake finder” reports and, if we can identify your item as a fake or confirm it is genuine, we post the results to our Gallery. You gain important information and help build an information resource that will help others as our gallery of fakes grows over time.

Because we want to encourage all “fake finder” reports, we make it possible for you to submit reports anonymously (for complete details, please read our privacy policy).

Together, we’ll build a clearer picture of how to spot a knock-off.

Thanks for helping.


The IsItFake.Org Team – ask@isitfake.org