Behind Dior number two…

Sometimes, the best defense against a knock-off is to be a good proofreader. In this case, we received a fakefinder report about counterfeit Diorshow brand mascara offered for sale on eBay, who reported the product was riddled with misspellings, including this text from the product box: “With its unique brush and formula combination that sweeps through everv lash separating and coating rem from toot to tip lifting them up and out for visibly longen and curved lashes” (emphasis ours). We can only assume that product is not intended to coat the musical group R.E.M. from “toot to tip,” and couldn’t speculate exactly what that might mean. The box also apparently listed the “ingredients“, in case the prior spelling errors weren’t enough.


Another cautionary flag in this tale came when the consumer went back to the seller to complain that something was not right with the product they had received. The seller proposed two options – to pay the buyer $4 to not leave negative feedback, or for $6,┬áto return the goods and not leave negative feedback. As noted in the fakefinder report, “this seller is listing many … very questionable products and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to receive their special offers to not announce my findings.”

Thanks for helping isitfake? shed some light on this particular case.

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