A letter missing?

This report came to isitfake from a user in the UK who told us about a web site that is “selling CLEARLY counterfeit goods.” Thanks for the report! (For the purposes of the isitfake gallery, we’ll discuss the goods being offered for sale, but will not give them free publicity by posting their web site address.) The site we were sent to evaluate listed counterfeits of a number of famous and luxury brands, most of which were being sold as “Brand Top XXX”, where XXX was the brand name they were copying. These counterfeit sunglasses were one example: oakey-sunglasses It’s another case of almost right, but not quite: the logo on the sunglasses themselves appears to have been changed to slide the “L” and “E” closer together. So, instead of OAKLEY, you get OAKEY. The counterfeiters probably thought they were being very clever. Beyond the name and logo treatment, other warning flags in this case included the price point (it’s being offered for sale at a small fraction of the usual sale price of the genuine¬†Oakley brand merchandise) and the source of the web site (which claimed to be a U.S. site, but was registered to an organization in Shanghai, China; this information is freely available in many cases with a quick WHOIS search).

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